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Critical Financial Assistance FAQs

How will applications be evaluated?

All eligible applications for Critical Financial Assistance will be evaluated by Operation Homefront’s

professional caseworkers. Cases will be prioritized based on the most critical need, where our short-
term assistance can help put military families on the path to long-term financial stability. Final decisions

on grants each month will be made by committee decision and/or supervising staff.

What if I am turned down?
You are invited to reassess your needs and apply again on the 1st day of the following month. For
example, if you are notified that you were not selected in September, you may apply again in the
October 1st-10th application period.

What information do I need to provide?
To help expedite your request for assistance, you can do the following:
• Please read the eligibility criteria carefully for each category.
• If you meet the criteria and decide to apply, please review the documents required for your category.
• Please gather the required documents for our caseworkers.
• Be sure to apply during the 10-day application period.

Why do you need this information?
• Our Critical Financial Assistance is for documented needs. Do not complete the application
process unless you can provide the required documentation, which can
 show that your financial resources
are insufficient to meet current expenses, and that those expenses are already due or past due.
• Operation Homefront is unable to provide financial assistance towards expenses that are not yet due or delinquent.

I have a question not addressed here.
If you are unsure if you qualify for assistance or have questions about the application, please call
1-877-264-3968 (toll-free). If you are not eligible for Operation Homefront services, we can help you
find other resources who may be better able to assist you with your needs.

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